The surprise is that I can’t follow a freaking pattern

I hate the Baby Surprise Jacket with the heat of a thousand firey suns.  Just saying.  I also hate the yarn I chose.  But the Addi Turbo needles….I loooooove you!  And I’m kicking myself for not trying you sooner.

The official ripping back will commence tonight after what will surely be another craptastic dinner (yes, it’s THAT night again) so I may as well wallow in some frogging irritation too.  And since this kid isn’t due until February the yarn and the pattern have a while to think about what they did wrong.

As for the Ottawa trip.  Well, lots and lots and lots of yarn buying.  I went a little crazy in fact.  I highly recommend Wool-Tyme and I was fortunate enough to hit it during the store’s monthly warehouse sale.  I got a sweater’s worth of wool for $59.  A man’s size large 100% wool sweater.  Big score.  Also they had Noro yarns I’ve never seen.  Which of course I had to buy.  And a sweater’s worth of something that is comparable to Cash Iroha…but significantly cheaper.  The store’s regular sale area was also good.  Great deals on pretty decent yarns and if I wasn’t allergic to mohair I’d have bought the store out.  Plus some Apple Laine that’s really not that easy to find in my neck of the woods.    All in all a good (and expensive) experience.  Yes sir yes sir two giant bags full!  Don’t let the fact that this store in an industrial park put you off.  It is well worth the trip out to the ‘burbs!

The second store I went to was Wool n Things.  It’s also out in the ’burbs in an industrial park.  The owner Giselle is friendly and lovely.  Lovely beyond lovely.  And I thought it was a really good sign that she knew all the names of the women who came into the store while I was there.  Great selection of Noro, great selection of Berroco and the new Debbie Bliss magazine which really is all that.  Loving you Debbie Bliss!   Wool n Things is smaller than Wool Tyme but packed to the gills with amazing yarns.  I barely managed to escape with only one skein of Fleece Artist Casbah.  Another good (but not quite as expensive this time) experience.  Oh, Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably are coming to Wool n Things in October.  Brandon’s class is sold out but there was still room to see Kaffe as of my visit there last Saturday.  Lucky people in Ottawa!

My third store was Knit Knackers.  I mainly went to see the bunnies, which apparently had been taken in for the day since they were a bit cranky, so I was a bit disappointed.  I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d find at this store since the neighbourhood was a bit sketchy (Malbrigo sock in a colour I call sushi wrap since it looks like the seaweed that surrounds a sushi roll) but the sales associate was awesome!  We talked for about 20 minutes about our shared love on knitting and Ravelry addiction.  I left with a small bag of yarn…but only because Visa will now own my first, second and third born children.  Oh yeah, also because DH called to tell me he was on his way to pick me up.  Sigh.  I could have bought much much more.

Three yarn stores and three different, yet excellent and satisfying yarn shopping experiences.  I can’t wait to go back.

As for the knitting experience on the trip….not very satisfying and not at all successful.  The BSJ will be frogged, the second baby sweater will be frogged (hmmm…sensing a pattern here…am I destined to NOT knit baby clothing?) and I never got to the mittens.  Good thing since frogging boucle is painful.  Similar to me opening my Visa bill later next month I’m almost positive.


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