Change is good. Maybe.

The blog has been very quiet of late as I’ve spent a lot of time thinking.  I know, you can probably smell the smoke.  Anyway, some big changes are going to be coming to Cleverly Disguised land soon and  I’m trying to figure out how to deal with them.

For starters, it looks like DH will be posted to a site location that is a three hour drive from The Money Pit.  Each way.  This is bad.  As a result he will be living onsite for four days and three nights.  He has promised to leave very early on Monday mornings despite having to work much longer days and do the three hour commute a day earlier because he knows how scared I am of the monsters under the stairs.  He also has not mocked me for this.  Big props to DH.

He will however be making significantly more money while he is onsite.  This is good.  Obviously more money is nice.  We can pay off the Money Pit faster and do more fun things with more money.  When DH isn’t sleeping off his long days and ridiculous commute that is.

However, because this is a two year commitment, some of that “more money” will be going to buy a cottage since it’s pointless to spend half his per diem on rent when we can have a cottage for not a heck of a lot more per month.  And, once DH is done onsite we can either use it, rent it or sell it.  I suspect DH will remain on this project (but back at the home office) for several years.  We have often talked about buying a cottage but never put our money where our mouth was.  Life has a funny way of changing your plans when you’re not looking though.

Obviously there are some really awesome perks to DH being away.  What first springs to mind is way, way, WAY less contact with the outlaws beginning with the complete cessation of our twice a month dinners.  Oh, I know I’ll still have to see them but now it will be mostly at family functions and the occasional weekend dinner/lunch/drop in.  The MIL has no clue about the imminent move and while I feel a bit sorry for her, I feel not-at-all sorry for me for having to give up those craptastic dinners.  I have told DH I will call her on a weekly basis.  I’m giving like that.  Actually, she’s not so bad to talk to on the phone.  Mostly she just complains about the family and I make the occasional “uh huh”, “you don’t say” and “I know” at the appropriate time.

Another awesome perk is that my food bills will decrease significantly.  Of course I will have to have a lot of willpower to not eat potato chips for dinner four nights a week but I’m pretty sure that would get old quickly.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

And think about all my knitting/reading/baking/cooking/yoga time.  I am hoping to get a lot of that stuff done while DH is onsite too.  Afterall, since I don’t like to come home to a dark house when I’m alone and we’re heading into the shorter, darker days of fall, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be staying away from the malls during the week.  I will have the computer all to myself too.  No more nagging to “stop messing around on the internet!”.  Any mess will be my mess.  Which should make life easier as I (usually) contain my mess to small areas of the house instead of leaving a trail of “stuff” behind me like DH does.  Also, I am thinking this will be an ideal time to purge all that crappy furniture he brought with him and frame and hang the pictures and masks (I collect them) where I think they’ll look best.

Of course I will be home alone for three nights.  They say that often the best way to overcome what you are scared of is to do it and I really have no choice in this instance, but I’m going to try very hard to disregard the zombies in the basement and the monsters under the stairs.  If it comes down to it, I’ll get a dog.  The cat will be less than amused and that will no doubt jack up my food bill again (I prefer big dogs) but it’d be a pretty effective monster/zombie buster.

And yes, I’ll miss DH.  But he’ll be home every weekend.  While we were dating we used to talk for hours on the phone.  I suspect that will resume and while it won’t be the same as seeing him every day, absence does make the hear grow fonder.  I’ll get back to you on that.


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