All is not well that ends well

Twice a year my mom and I drive for about three hours and end up in Erie, PA.  We go for the weekend to do a little (or a lot of) shopping.  I invariably buy yarn and cookbooks  (I know, so very unlike me) and my mom buys whatever catches her eye. 

Quite literally we shop until we drop.  From about noon until 10 or 11 pm (I swear if I lived in the US I’d be broke) we walk and talk and shop.  It’s usually a good time.  We sometimes eat at the Olive Garden (we don’t have those up here in Soviet Canuckistan and despite them being not at all haute cuisine you always know the salad and breadsticks are gonna be good) or some other all-you-cat-eat buffet and invariably tempers flare a bit because all that walking and shopping is tiring and let’s face it, sometimes my mom forgets I am 30 something years old and treats me like I am six. 

This last visit a few weeks ago was awesome.  There were no spats or arguments. We had a great dinner at some buffet and wrapped it up pretty early around 9:30 pm as we got there earlier than normal since we decided to go during the week and didn’t have to wait long at the border.  The pre-Black Friday sales were in full swing and I got some good deals.  Three awesome super soft organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts for$5 each at Walmart (no lectures people I don’t care…they were $5 and I LOVE THEM), several one pound mill end bags of Patons Classic Merino (or whatever it’s called now) for less than what a ball at home, a few first run cook books for under $11, some underwear for cheap, black boots  and a Coach bag at the outlet for $99.  Which sounds expensive until I tell you it was reduced from $398.  Exactly.  I can’t believe I only bought one.

So the trip was awesome, I got great deals, a good time was had by all.  Until three days after I got home and pulled my brand new Coach bag out from the back seat and the strap broke.  Grrrr.  But it can be fixed.  And the next day my fancy new never worn underwear elastic snaps (and yes, before you ask it was the right size and was not factory seconds).  It can’t be fixed.  And today?  Today I planned to wear my hot pink $5 supersoft tshirt.  Except when I put it on this morning I noticed a stain.  Which was odd as it was fresh out of the laundry.  And it turned out not to be a stain but rather a small hole.  On my boob.  Siiiiiiiigh.  I don’t know if it can be fixed.  At this point I’m pretty sure my mill end wool is infested with moths and my cookbooks are full of mistakes and missing pages.  At least the boots are ok.  So far anyway.

In retrospect I think I’d rather have a less awesome trip and get to keep all my purchases in wearable/useable shape rather than having an awesome trip and picking out defective merchandise.


2 Responses to All is not well that ends well

  1. Wendi says:

    I have to agree with Susan. A great experience with your Mom is worth alot more than all that has happened.
    My Mom has been gone for 19 years now and I miss all the shopping adventures that we used to go on. I would happily give up everything I have defective or not for a few more of those trips with her….

  2. Susan says:

    I dunno. A weekend with my mom that doesn’t make me want to shotgun a bottle of tequila would be worth a Walmart t-shirt and some underwear. Sometimes the equalize-the-universe gods work in mysterious ways. I love my mom AND she makes me crazy. The price paid is that she thinks everything I knit is amazing. I can live with that. Wear your boob-exposing t-shirt under a vest and call it good. As for the underwear, one can always use more dust cloths. Just sayin’…

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